Join the Mission: CDN

CDN (Community Development Network) is a non profit NGO that was founded by Orlando & Hannah Olmberg in 2009.
Before becoming entrepreneurs in 2011, Orlando & Hannah Olmberg were involved in community development activities throughout Suriname as volunteers and they still are.
From their passion to help others came the drive to start this ngo and aid those in need in especially the rural part of Suriname and the interior. Before starting with the company Guguplex Technologies SAC they had already done small projects free of charge for those i need. Small solar lighting systems were installed for low income households in rural villages living in poverty to provide them with lighting solutions. Orlando & Hannah have been visiting villages in the interior of Suriname for more than 10 years enlarging the awareness on prevention on drug addiction, youth development, prevention of HIV, self development, entrepreneurship and other community related subjects & activities.

solar lighting system installed for small Amerindian home








Throughout the years CDN has played an indispensable role as part of the Guguplex Technologies SAC family and supported many of our community development related projects. When we do solar energy projects in the rural areas of our country and in the interior, we aim not just for energy provision, but inspire & initiate development through the availability of energy. CDN has been our partner through all our projects in providing  solar training for villagers, rural awareness, empowering village women and youth, providing micro loans for solar energy solutions and supporting educational development.
We regularly get village authorities, schools, NGO’s and other requesting for solar energy solutions for educational development, community development, women empowerment, small entrepreneurship in villages without 24/7 electricity.
Join the mission in creating Green opportunities & solutions






We see solar energy not as energy power, but a means to initiate and sustain economic, social and educational development for communities in need.  So join us in changing & greening lives for better by partnering with us in various projects.  


Here follows a list of current open requests from village schools and village NGO’s June 2017.
  1. Solar energy for educational development elementary school in village Gran Tatai.
  2. Solar energy for educational development elementary school  in village Gujaba
  3. Solar energy for Media Library youth of village
  4. Solar energy for village center Kaaimanston
Feel free to contact Community Development Network for more information if you want to donate for any of the above mentioned projects at: