About us

Guguplex Technologies SAC (South America & the Caribbean) Ltd. is a solar engineering company based in Paramaribo, Suriname. 
Guguplex Technologies SAC was founded in 2011 by Orlando & Hannah Olmberg in partnership with the Nigerian based company Guguplex Technologies Interntional. Within the scope of their passion for community development & people development, the founders started with small solar pilot projects in 2011 to help low income households without access to electricity in rural areas. On June 18th of 2012 the company Guguplex Technologies SAC was officially opened.
Our mission includes actively tackling community development issues of one of our main customers, rural villages and communities, with the aim of providing solar energy as a means of achieving overall development for these communities and improve their livelihood. Through the provision of energy via solar the needed environment is created to jump start and/or improve personal, educational, economical and cultural development in areas isolated from the national energy grid.
Our Mission:
“We provide tailor-fit solar solutions that improve the lives of our customers and make development on any scale a tangible reality.”
Company History: 
In 2012 we entered the next level with our national rural solar acceleration project. This project was funded out of the Grant we received from the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) as one of the eight winners of the IDEAS 2012 innovation project. With this project we not only increased the use of solar energy in Suriname, but also the awareness of its benefits for both the environment as well as socio- economic development on any scale. The rural communities outside the national electrical grid who only had 3-4 ours of electricity from diesel generators were now given possibilities to use solar as a clean energy source.
Another milestone within this project was the starting up of a micro loan system from which unemployed village and rural small households & entrepreneurs could benefit in purchasing a solar system without the worry of paying high upfront costs. A network of retailers was also set up in the interior to create jobs and increase income levels within these communities.
At the conclusion and international Evaluation of the IDEAS 2012 winning companies results we were awarded an overal score of EXCELLENCE on all project target points.
A summary of the main Achievements with the IDEAS 2012- 2014 project are:
  • . Installed a minimum of 50 Kwp in the interior within the time scope of the project 2012- 2014.
  • . Initiation and administration of the first solar micro loan system in Suriname for villagers to be able to purchasing a solar energy system.
  • . Creation of a 5 man retailer’s network in the interior of Suriname.
  • . The first Suriname solar company to train a minimum of 109 villagers from different areas in the interior of Suriname
  • . The first Suriname solar company to execute awareness activities with a result of reaching a minimum of 200.000 people throughout Suriname.
  • . Installation of solar systems for 7 schools in the interior of Suriname for the use of ICT lesion for educational development of village children.
We have been turning Suriname greener ever since with turn key solar solutions for all our customers.